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Q: Your company's product mail it?

A: Please rest assured that the majority of users, the company solemnly promised that all products will be free mailed

Q: Usually one machine how to clean and maintain?

A: (1) Before cleaning the device, disconnect the power and unplug the power cord.

   (2)Wipe the cloth with semi-wet cloth with a non-detergent solution such as alcohol to wipe the surface with toughened glass, reflective strips, fingerprints and dust on the front frame.

   (3)When the cleaning is completed, dry it completely and use it at power-on.



Fvasee Albert(ShenZhen)Technology Co,LTD

Fvasee Albert(ShenZhen)Technology Co,LTD is a state-level high-tech enterprise which is a one-stop supplier of human-computer interaction products and solutions integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

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Solution to provide you with a one-stop service

Solution to provide you with a one-stop service


Kindergarten teaching
Smart universal solution
Smart meeting
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CTS preschool touch one machine, let the children win at the starting line

In order to implement the requirement of "speeding up the process of education informationization" put forward in the "Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)", in order to promote the construction of education informationization, it is of great importance for students to receive systematic education in classroom teaching A part of the teaching interactive links, is to master the quality of teaching and improve the teaching level of the key.


CTS touch one machine, so learning more convenient

Simple and intuitive screen touch operation, students can directly use the hand or touch pen on the screen to write and click, truly human-computer interaction, active student thinking, with a variety of digital resources, both voice, audio-visual combination, so that students The senses are stimulated to fully motivate the students' inner desire for knowledge, to become "active learning" through "passive learning", to "learn hard learning" as "music learning", to participate actively in learning, to effectively understand and master knowledge, and to develop thinking skills .


CTS touch one machine, so that meetings do more with less

n the modern era, with the advent of the global Internet age, the communications technology in our country has made rapid progress. Its conferencing machine technology also constantly improve and upgrade, in the past in the use of projectors, whiteboards and other electronic products in the process, often there will be a variety of problems. As a result, the remote conference can not achieve the expected result, which seriously affects the quality of the remote conference.


CTS commercial touch one machine, so that customers understand you anytime, anywhere

CTS Touch one truly touch and the console together as a whole, greatly improving people's work efficiency. As an input device, the touch-sensitive touch screen has many advantages such as being durable, reflecting speed, saving space and being easy to communicate. As long as the user gently touch the finger ...


Professional R & D team, leading technology

2000143 FVASEE free to provide customers with major display system design and renderings;

2000143  FVASEE's technical team tailormade for the preschool, training, business and other a set of overall solutions;

2000143  We are committed to the product installation and commissioning, technical support and training to assist the entire process;

Unique design, different visual experience

2000143 Unique design with twocolor sandblasted brushed design, corner seamless docking;

2000143Slim and humane design interpretation of noble and elegant, the total thickness of less than 30mm;

2000143 Delicate and generous extraordinary temperament, coupled with a clear high-definition clear picture to the user a new visual experience;

A purchase of products, life-long maintenance

2000143 FVASEE company service outlets have covered many cities, the country free home delivery;

2000143 We support seven days no reason to return service;

2000143 One year exemption, three years warranty, lifetime maintenance and provide technical support;

2000143  24-hour service call: (+86) 400-788-9808;

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