Someting About Touch Screen All-in-one PC

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1. The touch screen on the market is mostly multi-touch. Do not stick the whole palm or other items on the touch screen, so the screen of the touch one machine cannot be recognized.

2.Do not use some sharp objects such as the key pen tip to click on the touch screen, which may cause damage to the screen.

3.You can use a dedicated touch pen to write on the touch screen or to demonstrate other things.

4.The touch screen part is fragile glass,please do not exert strong impact on the touch screen parts.

5. For the touch-one machine, it should be kept in a clean and dust-free environment. The dust on the surface of the touch screen should be cleaned in time. If it is not clean for a long time, the dust will cover the reflective stripes around the touch screen. Affect the correct positioning of the system.

6.Should  use glass cleaner and paper towel to clean the touch screen.Please do not wipe the touch screen with a wet towel to make the touch dry and refreshed in order to reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen. Do not wipe the surface of the touch screen film with corrosive organic solvent. Such as industrial alcohol.

7.If the surface acoustic wave touch screen is touched by hand or other touch object, the touch screen response is very slow, which means that the touch screen system is old, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because the water droplets on the touch screen surface are moving, To restore the touch screen quickly, you must replace or upgrade the system, or wipe the water droplets on the surface of the touch screen with a rag. Generally, such a situation may be common to a multi-touch screen.

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