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Dear Customer:

First of all, thank you for choosing CTS (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. products, I produced the touch LCD all-in-one product line to ensure that the full range of Samsung, LG and other brands A screen specifications (except for customer special requirements), in order to facilitate us to you Provide more satisfactory services, but also better protect your rights and interests, we have made the following service commitments for you.

Detailed terms, see the warranty.

CTS Albert products after-sales service standards

Touch one computer service guide and standard service commitment

First, the terms of the note:

This clause is applicable to Touch Series products (including: touch LCD, advertising machine, VOD player) of CTS Vision (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. Where to buy the company's products listed above, enjoy the company's after-sales service.

Second, the quality of commitment:

1. Free return within 7 days, that is, since the date of your purchase of CTS series products (based on the date of formal purchase invoice, hereinafter referred to as the "purchase date") within 7 days (inclusive), if you have purchased a serious product The performance of the failure, you can choose to return, replacement or repair. If you choose to return the machine, the seller will be in accordance with the purchase price (the price of the official purchase invoice, the same below) a one-time withdrawal of money.

2. 8 to 15 free replacement or repair, that is, from the date of purchase on the 8th to the 15th (inclusive), if the purchase of your product has a serious performance problems, you can choose to exchange or repair. If you choose to replace the whole machine, the seller will replace you with the same type of the same specifications of the same product or not less than the original product performance with the brand new products.

3. Three Guarantees policy, non-product quality problems caused by their own replacement / return, will be charged the corresponding depreciation costs, calculated as: depreciation fee = price * 0.25% * days ($), depreciation of the calculation From the date of sale until the date of withdrawal / replacement, which deducted the occupation and repair of the time to be repaired. If there is any damage to the product part, the part cost will be deducted.

4. can not enjoy the "Three Guarantees" provisions of the computer, after you purchase the product, if the following reasons for any one of the following causes of the computer product failure or damage, we do not follow the "Three Guarantees commitment" terms The content provides services, you can choose paid services,

4.1 more than three bags of validity.

4.2 failure to use the contents of the "Instructions for Use", maintenance, custody and cause failure or damage.

4.3 Non-Chinese Albert CHAN service personnel or agents maintenance, customer man-made processing led to product failure or damage.

4.5 No valid Three Guarantees document or valid invoice (to prove that the goods within the validity of the Three Guarantees excluded).

4.5 unauthorized changes to the Three Guarantees credentials.

4.6 Three Guarantees credentials on the product model and number does not match with the physical goods.

4.7 Use of non-standard or unpublished software resulting in failure or damage.

4.8 virus infection during use lead to failure or damage.

4.9 no name, site, production date, product certification.

4.10 Failure or damage due to force majeure.

4.11 Without the permission of CTS, load the products or components in the machine or replace the original configuration.

5. After you purchase the machine, you need to promptly fill out the three bags of receipts to the seller, or direct mail to CTS Albert, to ensure that you can get better after-sales service.

(B) CTS Vision TV computer one standard service commitment:

If you are a consumer user, we will provide you with the following standard services:

1, free warranty service content

From the date of your purchase of the product (the "purchase date", the official purchase invoice shall prevail), we will provide you with the main components of the product for three years free warranty service (the main components of the definition of "Three Guarantees microcomputer Regulations "), the specific components of the service area refer to the following table:

Parts classification

Part Name

Free maintenance period


The main components

Motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive

Three years from the date of purchase (inclusive)


Power Adapter,

LCD display

One year from the date of purchase (inclusive)

Other parts

Optical drive, floppy drive, cooling module (including fans), the other board within the board interface (except the motherboard)

One year from the date of purchase (inclusive)

Special parts


Six months from date of purchase (inclusive)


Keyboard, mouse, camera

One year from the date of purchase (inclusive)


Pre-installed software

One year from the date of purchase (inclusive)

Random software (including software media)

Three months from the date of purchase (inclusive)


1.Vision China (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to the normal "wear and tear," the power of interpretation, these are not covered by the provisions of this warranty.

2. If there are other regulations concerning after-sales service, if the regulations conflict with these Regulations, they shall be implemented in accordance with these regulations.

3. If the contents of this Ordinance conflict with national laws and regulations, it shall be implemented according to the national laws and regulations.

4. The revision of this Ordinance, the interpretation of CTS Vision (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. all.

5. The Ordinance from the date of release from the date of implementation.

Specific rules on the sale of freight as follows:

1. From the date of purchase of the product within 7 days, if the product appears non-human damage to the performance and quality problems, replacement products and by our company and from the freight. (Note: only ordinary road transport)

2. Within one month from the date of purchase of the product, if the product has performance and quality problems that are not man-made damage, replace the new product and the one-way ordinary road freight borne by our company. (Note: custom products do not enjoy this replacement agreement)

3. From the date of purchase of the product within 12 months, such as non-human product damage performance and quality problems, the company provides free maintenance services and bear one-way freight. (Note: only ordinary road transport)

4.Buying time more than a year of products, our company provides paid maintenance services for life, charging maintenance costs and materials costs at the same time from the shipping costs borne by the customer.

Note: Within the product warranty period, due to customer damage caused by the product, the maintenance fee and material fee charged, while the return shipping costs borne by the customer, the costs borne by the customer consent, the company began to repair the product.

5. In the replacement period of products, such as due to discontinuation or other reasons can not provide the same type of new products, the company will provide no less than the original product of the same grade new product replacement. If no new products with the same grade, the company will provide more advanced new product replacement, the need to make up the difference, the difference in the day to replace the market price with the same grade refers to technical specifications, has nothing to do with the price.

6. In the free warranty period of the product, if the degree of serious damage can not be repaired or the model accessories have been discontinued, the company provides not less than the original product specifications of the product replacement. If no products of the same grade, to provide more advanced product replacement, but to make up the difference, the difference in the day to replace the market price calculation.

7. Products beyond the free warranty period, in case of serious damage, no parts supply or other uncontrollable factors can not be repaired, the company no longer provide maintenance services.

8. Customer replacement or repair, enjoy the service is still based on the date of the original purchase date.

The company is located in:

Fvasee Albert (ShenZhen) Technology Co, LTD

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